Utica-Rome Speedway Racing Community –

On Friday, June 28, a new era began for Utica-Rome Speedway. Effective 9 a.m., Jason Broedel and I officially took ownership of the property from the Cole family. This transition of ownership began in 2021 with the “Home of Heroes” season opener.  After more than three years of behind-the-scenes work, I could not be more proud of this opportunity to secure the speedway’s future.

Broedel Energy, owned by Jason, is widely recognized as a growing, major player in our racing region.  Jason has been a supporter and asset since I started as the speedway promoter. His business knowledge and resources will certainly contribute to our continued success. Jason is a car owner, sponsor and lifelong race fan. He wants to see the property succeed and grow as an operating speedway and as such our partnership (Utica-Rome Productions Inc.) was formed.

In August 2020, Gene Cole called and asked if I had interest in operating Utica-Rome as a partner facility to Fonda. The next February, I said “yes,” and the Coles (Gene, Gloria, Tom) allowed a timeline to allow the lease-purchase agreement to come together. While there have been other attractive offers to sell for non-racing purposes, continued stock racing at Utica-Rome was their priority.

Since 2021, I have been fortunate to assemble a hardworking dedicated staff led by general managers Jamie and Denise Page. Our team will remain on board to continue the outstanding growth we have made collectively since our first season together. Matt Edwards will continue to lease and operate the motocross facility on the property.

At a time when dirt tracks across the country are closing almost daily, Utica-Rome now has a pathway to a stable future of Friday night racing, paired with a long-term lease agreement with the Montgomery County Agricultural Society for Fonda Speedway on Saturdays.

Racing community, we now turn to you and ask for your support – fans, competitors, sponsors – as we embark on this journey together.

Brett Deyo
On Behalf of Utica-Rome Productions Inc.