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Todd Burley and Paul Kinney made up the front row of the Modified main event with Burley grabbing the lead for the opening circuit. Willy Decker, starting from the fourth spot, quickly made his move to the front as he was in the runner-up spot at the completion of lap one. Decker then disposed of Burley as he took command of the field as lap two was being scored.
Decker set a blistering pace as the leader, catching the back of the field by lap 12. Lapped traffic slowed Deckerís pace as green flag racing continued, allowing Burley and third place runner Bobby Varin to close the gap. With the crossed flags being shown to the field, Decker was the leader with Burley, Varin, Bill Trexler, Jr., and Stewart Friesen were following.
As the 30 lap main continued at a quick pace, Decker was still setting the pace out front with Burley still trying to close the gap with Varin in tow. Despite Decker having some issues with lapped traffic which allowed Burley and Varin to cut into Deckerís lead, they were unable to catch the leader. Decker would take his second win of the season with Burley, Varin, Friesen, and Alan Johnson chasing. The top ten spots were filled out by Trexler, Ronnie Johnson, Pat Ward, Paul Jensen, and Mike Mahaney. Friesenís top five run was enough to secure his second consecutive Modified championship at Utica-Rome.
Jeff Leslie led the opening 13 circuits of the Sportsman 20 lap main event from his pole starting spot until he suddenly slowed and pulled off the racing surface. Matt Janczuk, who started deep in the field in the 14th spot, was stalking Leslie when he pulled off and inherited the lead with Leslieís misfortune. Despite some heavy lapped traffic, Janczuk would go the rest of the way unchallenged to collect his fourth consecutive win and sixth overall. Janczuk was also crowned the Sportsman track champion, his first ever championship. Claude Hutchings, Jr., Jeremy Vunk, Chris Mackey, and Aaron Jacobs chased Janczuk across the line.
The Pro Stock feature from August 21 was run off the first feature of the night, restarting on lap one with Bret Belden grabbing the lead on the restart. Belden would hold on to the point until Rocky Warner slipped by on the seventh circuit. On lap nine, Mark Effner did what few drivers have been unable to do in 2011 and pass Warner for the lead. Effner would show the fast way around for the next seven circuits until Warner retook the lead. Warner would not give up the lead this time he ran off to score win number seven on the year. Effner, Glenn Forward, Belden, and Jeff Pastorella filled out the top five spots.
In the regularly scheduled Pro Stock main event, defending Pro Stock champion Tom Denton started on the pole and used it to his advantage as grabbed the lead at drop of the green. One yellow slowed the event on lap four, but it didnít slow Denton as he again jumped out front on the restart and he would remain there as he ran off to his second win of the season. Pastorella, Effner, Ed Ostrander, and Bill Knapp rounded out the top five. Rocky Warner was crowned the 2011 Pro Stock track champion.
Chris Cunningham led the first 12 laps of the makeup August 21 feature event, first holding off the challenges of Dave Pope and then Ron Hawker. On lap 13, Hawker made his bid for the win stick as he took the top spot and ran off to the victory ahead of Cunningham, Pope, Rick Breed, and Phil Norman.
The nightcap Pure Stock feature event saw Bill Mason race to the lead from the outside front row and lead the first 13 circuits. Breed, who had been hounding Mason for several circuits, slipped underneath Mason to lead lap 14 but Mason was not giving up. Mason was again the leader as the duo raced out of turn two for the final time and down the backstretch. Coming off turn four for the checkered flag, Mason and Breed race to the line with Mason nosing Breed out for his first ever win. Breed, Hawker, Pope, and Frank Hyatt trailed at the checkered with Hawker taking the 2011 Pure Stock championship.

VERNON, NY-Despite a forecast that called for severe weather and 100% chance of rain, Utica-Rome Speedway was able to complete their entire program with Willy Decker racing off to grab his second win while Matt Janczuk taking another Sportsman victory. Rocky Warner and Tom Denton took the Pro Stocks feature wins while Ron Hawker and Bill Mason were lap victorious in the Pure Stocks on Gates-Cole Associates and Williams Fence night. Track champions were also crowned in the four weekly divisions. Shawn Donath took the popular win in the Empire Super Sprint 25 lap main event.
MODIFIED FEATURE FINISH (30 LAPS)- WILLY DECKER, Todd Burley, Bobby Varin, Stewart Friesen, Alan Johnson, Bill Trexler, Jr., Ronnie Johnson, Pat Ward, Paul Jensen, Mike Mahaney, Steve Hulsizer, Jason Rood, Ted Lamb, Paul Kinney, Casey Williams, Danny Varin, Brian Murphy, Alan Barker, Chris Busta, Kenny Tremont, Pete Taylor, Mitch Gibbs, and JJ Courcy.


SPORTSMAN FEATURE FINISH (20 LAPS)- MATT JANCZUK, Claude Hutchings, Jr., Jeremy Vunk, Chris Mackey, Aaron Jacobs, Joe Harrington, Jim Rothwell, Craig Pope, Jack Miller, Randy Shantel, Tye Rood, John Juhl, Heath Carney, Brian Thomas, Bobby Heinz, Craig Ritchie, AJ Filbeck, Jeff Leslie, and Mike Button.

PRO STOCK FEATURE FINISH FROM 8/21 (20 LAPS)- ROCKY WARNER, Mark Effner, Glenn Forward, Bret Belden, Jeff Pastorella, Chris Carr, Tom Denton, Ed Ostrander, Bill Knapp, Dave Moyer, Dan Lashure, Jim Money, AJ Digsby, and Jim Grippen.

PRO STOCK FEATURE FINISH (20 LAPS)- TOM DENTON, Jeff Pastorella, Mark Effner, Ed Ostrander, Bill Knapp, Rocky Warner, Brett Belden, Glenn Forward, Dave Moyer, Dan Lashure, Jim Money, Kenny Gates, Pete Broderson, and Chris Carr.

PURE STOCK FEATURE FINISH FROM 8/21 (15 LAPS)- RON HAWKER, Chris Cunningham, Dave Pope, Rick Breed, Phil Norman, Bill Mason, Frank Hyatt, Rob Thieme, Jim Richmond, Jim Thomas, Andy Szewczyk, Bryan Owens, Scott Wheelock, and Ernie Staelens.

PURE STOCK FEATURE FINISH (15 LAPS)- BILL MASON, Rick Breed, Ron Hawker, Dave Pope, Frank Hyatt, Chris Cunningham, Phil Norman, Stan Clark, Jim Thomas, Keith Stevenson, Scott Wheelock, Bryan Owens, Andy Szewczyk, and Rob Thieme.


EMPIRE SUPER SPRINT FEATURE FINISH (25 LAPS)- SHAWN DONATH, Steve Poirier, Chuck Hebing, Kevin Ward, Jr., Matt Tanner, Cory Sparks, Bryan Howland, Josh Pieniazek, Lance Yonge, Dylan Swiernik, Tommy Wickham, Jason Barney, George Suprick, Tim Kelly, Mike Stelter, Jeff Cook, Sammy Reakes III, Paul Habeck, Kory Gurney, and Michael Parent.
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