May 31, 2010

With 5 laps in the books Varin built up a half a straightaway lead over Burley. Rick Laubach, Billy Decker and Alan Johnson ran third through fifth trying to run down the top two.
On lap 13 and lap 18 the caution would fly for first Willy Decker than Stewart Friesen who both spun in turn three but would continue.
On lap 25 Varin, Burley and Johnson still showed the way. The biggest mover in the race to that point was Matt Sheppard who came 19th to run in the top five in fourth place.
With 35 laps showing on the scoring tower Varin saw his lead start to shrink as Burley started narrowing the gap. Sheppard, Laubach and Danny Johnson were third through fifth.
At the halfway point of the first segment lap 50, Varin still was in control as he now was approaching back markers. Burley, Sheppard and Danny Johnson were in a tight three-way battle for the 2nd spot, Laubach ran a distant fifth.
On lap 52 Gary Tomkins blew a left rear tire slowing the field down. Tomkins would return. On the restart Sheppard took advantage of Burley lining up behind lapped cars to take over second.
When the lap counter read 63 Varin, Sheppard, Burley, and Johnson were the top four, Tim McCreadie at the point moved into fifth place.
The caution would come out on lap 67, this time for Larry Wight who blew a right rear tire. When the green came back out Danny Johnson would move into 2nd and be the new challenger for Varin.
Sheppard when running a solid third place suddenly slowed with a flat right rear on lap 74, Billy Decker and Vic Coffey also headed to the pits with tire trouble under the same yellow.
Varin would continue dominating the race over McCreadie till lap 97 when a flat would also send him to the pits ending his serious bid for the win. With Varin in the pits this handed over the lead to McCreadie who took the green, white checker to end the first segment of the Victoria 200. Danny Johnson, Pat Ward, Stewart Friesen who came from a lap down and Michael storms were the top-five.
When the race restarted for the second half of the 200 the question on everyone’s mind was tire choice knowing rain was closing in on the speedway. Take softs to make a run to the front or hards in hoping the race would go the distance.
When the green came back out McCreadie took off opening up a comfortable lead over Johnson, Ward, Friesen and Storms.
With 110 laps showing on the scoring tower McCreadie still led, Johnson and Ward started cutting into lead McCreadie built up. Friesen and Storms were in a tight race for fourth and fifth.
On lap 114 Ward was able to get around Johnson and then took off after McCreadie. Storms and Friesen still raced in the top-five.
From lap 120 to lap 130 McCreadie and Ward ran within a car length of each other as they started to catch traffic.
With a 142 laps in the books McCreadie and Ward still occupied the top two spots. Now another driver moved into contention for the win. Vic Coffey made his way through field into 3rd as he closed in on the top two.
The yellow would fly on lap 147 when Andy Bachetti suffered a right rear flat. Bachetti would quickly return to action.
On the restart McCreadie would once again pull away from the field as you could now see lightning in the sky in the distance as the drivers put on one last push for the win not knowing if the race would go the distance.
With 20 to go McCreadie would start inching away from Ward, Coffey ran alone in 3rd, Storms and Alan Johnson were fourth and fifth.
Ward started closing in on McCreadie on lap 185 as they were still the two fastest cars on the track. Coffey, Storms and Johnson still ran in the top-five.
Alan Johnson saw a shot at a top-five disappear on lap 188 as tire trouble also got him, sending him pit side.
Over the final laps Ward could stay within a couple car lengths of McCreadie but never seriously challenge as McCreadie was the first under the checkers. Ward settled for 2nd with Vic Coffey, Michael Storms and Andy Bachetti rounding out the top-five. Tim Fuller, Billy Decker, Jimmy Phelps, Stewart Friesen and Bobby Varin completed the top-ten.

(Dart Dirt Race of Champions Modified Tour Victoria 200) - TIM McCREADIE, Pat Ward, Vic Coffey, Michael Storms, Andy Bachetti, Tim Fuller, Billy Decker, Jimmy Phelps, Stewart Friesen, Bobby Varin, Danny Johnson, Larry Wight, Alan Johnson, Casey Williams, Gary Tomkins, Mitch Gibbs, Brad Alger, Todd Burley, Brian Weaver, Rick Laubach, Matt Sheppard, Jeff Strunk, Willy Decker, Danny Varin, Kevin Bates, Ronnie Johnson, Alan Barker, Brett Hearn.

VERNON, NY - Tim McCreadie made the trip from West Virginia after a World of Outlaws Late Model race Saturday night to Utica-Rome Speedway pay off on Memorial Day. Behind the wheel of one of Vinny Salerno, Keizer Aluminum Wheels No. 4* Teo Pro Cars, McCreadie fought off tire wear, the weather and Pat Ward to win his first ever Dart Dirt Modified Race of Champions Victoria 200. The win pocketed McCreadie $10,000 for his efforts.
Bobby Varin and Todd Burley brought the 28 car field down to the starters green flag with Varin grabbing the early advantage over Burley.
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