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VERNON, NY- Although the 2013 season has already begun at the Utica-Rome Speedway, there is still plenty of time to expose your business to thousands of race fans in the region that fill the grandstands, and with the help of social media and print media, the nation.  There are several different opportunities and packages available, and the speedway management is open to make your sponsorship unique and tailor fit to your needs.

There are several nightly sponsorships available, which includes 20 VIP tickets (general and tower admission) plus food and beverage.  The pre race releases will include your company name and general information along with company logo (if provided) being added to the event advertising.  Your company logo will also to the speedway website, which is visited by thousands daily, and be linked directly to your business website.  There will be PA announcements all night on the evening of your sponsorship, and depending on time, a possible interview with a company representative to discuss your company’s products or services to the thousands of race fans in attendance. Sponsorship will also include victory lane photos with company representatives and inclusion in any radio and television advertising that may come with the event.  The total for this type of sponsorship is just $1,200, and as stated before, several opportunities are still available.

Another way to advertise at the Utica-Rome Speedway is through signage with your company logo on it.  There are several different sizes available with different price points and locations.  Perhaps the most visible is the backstretch billboards which measure 12’x24’ in size and are in direct view of race fans throughout the evening.  For $2,500 a season, you can have your company name be seen by fans all night and all season long.  Another option is the 8’x14’ banners that are place off turns one and two which are priced at $1,500 a season.  This location offers another prime advertising spot which is often captured in some to the action pictures that show up in the media.  The most popular form of advertising is the infield and grandstand 4’x8’ billboards which cost just $500 per season.  Placed in prime locations, this signage is also easily seen by the thousands of weekly patrons of the speedway.  Each advertiser gets at least one mention a night by the track announcer.  Also, your company is responsible for the design and cost of the signage.

Utica-Rome Speedway operates weekly on Sunday evenings with some midweek shows annually and plays host to some of the best short track racing in the region with some of the best drivers in competition weekly. 

All inquiries regarding sponsorship and advertising possibilities, please contact Utica-Rome Speedway’s Director of Operation Barb Clark at (315)725-5709.
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