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The winner will receive 500 gallons of residential, bulk delivery, propane to a new or existing service location thru the 2014/15 heating seasons. Mirabito Energy Products (MEP) will deliver propane on an automatic delivery basis and will continue to do such once the 500 gallons has been delivered. Gallons delivered in excess of the original 500 gallons will be billed at the posted market rate price or at a posted program price, if the winner elects to enroll in any Price Protection Programs that MEP is currently offering. If the 500 gallons are not taken delivery of by the 31st of May 2015, those gallons will expire. If the winner of this contest does not currently use MEP as their propane supplier they will need to establish an account and have a MEP install a propane service at their home.
There will be no cash payout for the value of the 500 gallons, if the winner of the contest does not utilize propane at their primary residence MEP reserves to right to select another winner at random.
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