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Past New Yorkers Events

VERNON, NY- The final Modified event of the season at the Utica-Rome Speedway is coming up this weekend and Utica-Rome Speedway will be using the same rules package as the Victoria 200 Weekend that was run at the speedway in late May.  The rules will be in effect for both Sunday August 31st. and Monday September 1, giving drivers in competition on Sunday a chance to tune their cars for the big $10,000 to win New Yorker event on Monday.

The rules for the New Yorker 200 weekend, in addition to the weekly Utica-Rome Speedway rules, are listed below.

The Modified rules are basically the same as the weekly rules the addition of sail panels.  The Modifieds will run under this rule package on both Sunday and Monday, giving the drivers in attendance on Sunday an opportunity to tune in their cars with the sail panels.  The rule highlights are below.

Modifieds (This rule package will be in place for both days)-
1) Must be Modified chassis.

2) Small block steel heads 2400 lbs.
Big Block 2,500 LBS
Small Block using SB2 heads 2500 lbs.

3) Big Blocks - 2,500lbs. (GAS ONLY).

4) Cast iron blocks only - NO Aluminum blocks.

5) No tolerances on weight, must make weight after qualifying and main event.

6) No fuel injection.

7) Sail panels allowed - Total height is to be measured from ground to the highest point, not to exceed 65”. Total length is to be measured from rear axle, 48” from the center line to rear of car and 12” from center line forward. Maximum vertical lips will be 2” from door up and 2” from door down. 1 1/2“ tolerance on width allowed. The degree of angle from vertical lips (Upper and Lower) to rear plane of driver’s seat is 22 degrees. Sail panels must have same dimensions on both sides of car.

8) 4” inch maximum roof spoiler allowed. Spoiler must be mounted on rear of roof.

9) Tires -American Racer tires only. LF-SD-33 or harder, RF-SD-33/SD-38/SD-44/SD-48, LR-SD-33/SD-38/SD-44/SD-48, RR-SD-44/SD-48/SD-50 with McMod plating or other American Racer Cup track designation. No Late Model or non traditional Modified tread tires. Track has final say in tires. The speedway does not stock all available compounds and the following is a list what is normally available at the speedway- LF SD-33/SD-38, RF SD-33/SD-38, LR SD-33/SD-38/SD-44 RR SD-38/SD-44/SD-48.

10) For rules not covered here, please refer to the 2013 Utica-Rome Speedway rulebook which is available at www.uticaromespeedway.com.

The 602 Crate Sportsman rules are simple with home track tire, 2350 lbs for cars with aluminum wheels and 2300 lbs with steel wheels, and no rev box is required.  Tires must be a traditional Modified type tread pattern.

Gates for the Sunday portion of the event open at 3 p.m. with racing at 5:30 p.m. with the fireworks following the racing program.  On Monday, the gates will open at 2:30 p.m. with racing at 6 p.m.

VERNON, NY- Below is a rule clarification concerning the use of sail panels for the Modified division at the Utica-Rome Speedway.  Below is rule that will be in effect from this point moving forward whenever sail panels are in use.  Changes will be in

Sail panels- Total height is to be measured from ground to the highest point, not to exceed 65”. Total length is to be measured from rear axle, 48” from the center line to rear of car and 12” from center line forward. Maximum vertical lips will be 2” from door up and 2” from door down. 1 1/2“ tolerance on width allowed. The degree of angle from vertical lips (Upper and Lower) to rear plane of driver’s seat is 22 degrees. Sail panels must have same dimensions on both sides of car
and must be solid with no holes in panels.  No louvers will be allowed.  Any panel with window opening must be covered by lexan or sheet metal.

As stated above, this rule will be effect starting Sunday, August 17.


VERNON, NY-Starting on Sunday June 29 in the Modified division, any 358-Modified that competes in the Modified division and utilizes the spec Brodix aluminum head will have to weigh a minimum of 2500 lbs. at the end of the event, including driver.  This is an addition of 150 lbs. from the previous 2350 lbs. that was the previous rule.  The rulebook will be amended to read the following.

Under weight in the rulebook-

¦ Weights are taken including driver with no fuel added.  Track scales will be official.  No protests or appeals are allowed on their findings.  NO tolerance of the total weight requirements will be allowed.  Weight violations are subject to complete disqualification at the discretion of the track promoter and/or officials

¦Small block steel heads 2400 lbs.
Big Block 2,500 LBS
Small Block using SB2 heads 2500 lbs.

These weights are subject to change.

And under the 358-Modified rules concerning cylinder heads-

CYLINDER HEADS:  BRODIX SPEC ALUMINUM, Bowtie steel, Dart steel, SB2, are the only cylinder heads allowed. Any porting allowed. Titanium valves and valve spring retainers are permitted.

New Yorker Modified Payout by position…1/$10,000 - 2/$5,000 - 3/$3,000 - 4/$2,200 - 5/$2,000 - 6/$1,500 - 7/$1,500 - 8/$1,200 - 9/$1,100 - 10/$1,000 - 11/$900 - 12/$800 - 13/$700 - 14/$600 - 15/$500 - 16/$475 - 17/$450 - 18/$425 19-24/$400.
Sunday August 31st.
Due the rain not letting up here at the speedway, tonight's event at the Utica-Rome Speedway have been cancelled. Congratulations to Stewart Friesen, Jeremy Vunk, Tom Denton, and Russ Marsden on their track championships.
Tomorrow's events (Sept. 1st.) will go on as planned. The Race of Champions New Yorker 200, paying $10,000 to win for 100 laps, and the Dig Safely GRIT 602 Sportsman Series are on tap. The Sportsman will compete for $1,000 to win, $100 to start.

Monday September 1  
Carbone Auto Group and Sowle Enterprises Present
                                  The New  Yorker 200 RoC $10,000 to win
                                  for the Modifieds plus Dig Safely GRIT 602 Sportsman Series -
                                  $1,000 to win.  The Night of Legends and Outlaw Circuit
                                  Reunion           Gates open at 3 p.m. Racing at 6 p.m.

VERNON, NY- For the past two seasons, the New Yorker event at Utica-Rome Speedway had fallen to rain but this year the event went on as scheduled and when everything was settled, a jubilant Larry Wight was standing in victory lane.  Wight dominated much of the 100 laps on Carbone Auto Group and Sowle Enterprises night to score the $10,000 win, his biggest so far in his young career.  In the companion GRIT Series event, Rocky Warner dominated that event to take the $1,000 payday.

Tim Mayne and Larry Wight led the 28 car starting field to the green flag to start the 100 lap Race of Champions New Yorker 200 Modified event, with Wight using the outside lane to grab the lead.  Fourth place starter Billy Decker quickly grabbed the second spot with third place starter Danny Johnson on his bumper, pressuring him for the runner up spot.  On lap five, the first yellow of the event flew when Brian Murphy made contact with an implement tire marking the inside of the speedway, and slowed down.  With the field reset and returning to green flag racing, Wight returned to the top lane as Decker and Johnson continued their duel for the second.

On lap seven, Johnson was able to wrestle the second spot away from Decker and try to close in on Wight.  Lapped traffic came into play by lap 15, which allowed Johnson, Decker, Stewart Friesen, and Matt Sheppard to close the gap on Wight, but on lap 26 the yellow lights flickered on again.  Johnson suddenly slowed and stopped in turns one and two to bring out the yellow and his problem was terminal as he was pushed back into the pit area.  When racing resumed again on lap 33, Wight again began to open another large lead over Decker with Friesen able to grab the third spot on the restart.  The yellow lights again came on several laps later for the disabled car of Ryan Phelps.  Green flag racing resumed on lap 41 with Wight again jumping way out front and at the halfway point, it was Wight running away with Decker, Sheppard now back up to third, Friesen, and Jimmy Phelps.

A lap 54 caution did nothing to slow down the high flying Wight as he again pulled away from the field when racing resumed but as the laps clicked off, Decker and Sheppard began to reel him in.  On lap 62, Decker was able to pull alongside Wight but was unable to complete the pass.  Decker spent the next five laps ducking underneath Wight, but every attempt to complete the pass was thwarted by Wight.  With the lead duo battling, Sheppard was able to close the gap on Decker as he was looking to take advantage of any mistakes by the leaders.  The final caution came out on lap 71, allowing the field a moment to pause as they prepared for the final quarter of the event.    At that point, the leader board showed Wight, Decker, Sheppard, Friesen, and Jimmy Phelps as the top five.

When the green lights came on for the final time, Wight again jumped to the top side of the speedway that he used to dominate so far and again began to pull away.  Decker fell into the clutches of Sheppard, who finally made the pass on Decker on 84 in lapped traffic.  Sheppard began his pursuit of Wight as the leaders again hit lapped traffic but never was able to track him down as Wight masterfully negotiated his way through the slower traffic.  When the checker flag flew, it was Wight taking the big win by nearly two seconds over Sheppard.  Friesen was able to nip Decker at the line for third while Phelps came home in the fifth spot.  Rounding out the top 10 was Danny Varin, Tim McCreadie, Mike Mahaney, Pat Ward, and Rick Laubach.

Rocky Warner vaulted to the lead from his outside pole starting spot in the 30 lap GRIT Sportsman Series event and immediately began to pull away from the rest of the field.  Fourth place starter Dave Marcuccilli settled into the second spot with pole sitter Glenn Forward slipping back to third in the early going.  Track regulars in the open Sportsman division, Jack Miller and Mike Walton, found themselves rounding out the top five as Warner continued to dominate the event.  The first caution flag waved on lap 13 with Jeremy Pitts facing the wrong way in turn one, giving the rest of the field a chance at the high flying Warner.  When the green lights came back on, Warner continued his quick pace with Marcuccilli, Miller, Forward, and Walton rounding out the top five.

During the second half of the event, despite three more cautions for minor incidents, Warner was still the class of the field as he pulled away and left the battle for position to the rest of the field.  The second place running came under heavy pressure by Miller and Walton, with Miller making the pass for the spot on lap 28.  Warner would race unchallenged to the $1,000 payday followed by Miller, Marcuccilli, Walton, and Rocco Leone. Filling out the top 10 was Corey Barker, Mike Button, Robert Bublak, Kyle Inman, and Forward.

During intermission as part of the Night of Legends/Outlaw Circuit Reunion ceremony, many of the stars from the 1989-1995 Outlaw Circuit years were brought on to the racing surface and introduced to the crowd.

The final weekend of racing at the “Action Track of the East” is coming up this Friday, September 5, and Saturday, September 6, as part of the SUNY Canton and Gates-Cole Insurance Cole Cup Weekend.  On Friday, it will be the first running of the Kevin Ward Jr, Shootout for the 360 Sprints which will pay the winner $1,300 for 13 laps of work plus a guaranteed spot into the following day’s $10,000 to win Cole Cup.  The Pro Stocks ($700 to win) and Pure Stocks ($500 to win) will also be in action with home track rules applying.  Saturday will be the running of the 2nd annual Cole Cup plus 602 Sportsman for $1,000 to win and $100 to start.  Many of the best Sprint Car drivers in the region are expected to converge on the Vernon oval to try and take the big payday.  Action on both days starts at 7 p.m. with gates opening 5 p.m. on Friday and at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday.  For more information, please log on to www.uticaromespeedway.com or call the speedway office at (315)829-4557.


RACE OF CHAMPIONS NEW YORKER 200 FEATURE FINISH (100 LAPS)-LARRY WIGHT, Matt Sheppard, Stewart Friesen, Billy Decker, Jimmy Phelps, Danny Varin, Tim McCreadie, Mike Mahaney, Pat Ward, Rick Laubach, Jimmy Davis, Randy Chrysler, Bobby Varin, Peter Britten, Ryan Phelps, Matt Janczuk, Brett Hearn, Heath Carney, Chris Mackey, Tim Mayne, Brian Murphy, Eldon Payne Jr., Tyler Siri, Dave Moyer, Vic Coffey, Aaron Jacobs, Danny Johnson, Anthony Perrego.

DNQ-Jim Walsh, CJ Castelletti, Adam Roberts, Tim Fuller, Jeremy Vunk, Willy Decker.

Sowle Enterprises $100 heat winner bonus-Billy Decker, Danny Johnson, Danny Varin, Larry Wight.
Sowle Enterprises $100 consolation winner bonus-Mike Mahaney.

DIG SAFELY GRIT 602 SPORTSMAN SERIES FINISH (30 LAPS)-ROCKY WARNER, Jack Miller, Dave Marcuccilli, Mike Walton, Rocco Leone, Corey Barker, Mike Button, Robert Bublak, Kyle Inman, Glenn Forward, Nick Guererri, Ronnie Davis III, Kyle Kiehn, Cody Clark, Nick Krause, Connor Cleveland, Brian Pesselano, Chris Stevens, Ivan Joslin, Daryl Nutting, Kurtis Hohensheldt, Robert Barker, Jeremy Pitts, and Jack Gentile.

DNQ-Brent Joy, Haiden Burdick, Troy Arnold, Shea Montgomery, John Baker, Taylor Jackson, George Dyer, Kevin Ward, Chris Hulsizer, Todd Root, Joseph Buonagario, Taylor Lamb, Chad Edwards, and Kyle DeMetro.

NYSSCA Hard Charger bonus-Corey Barker.
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