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Rules Package set up for 2014 Cole Cup at Utica-Rome Speedway September 6th, $10,000 to win.
(Note* - Rules could change between release and race date, teams will be notified.)

All basic 360 sprint car rules for ESS/PST/URC/ASCS will apply. 

The following rules below have been put into place to allow as many cars from all sanctions to participate. 
The decision set forth by the technical inspectors applied by the Utica-Rome Speedway will be final.

Tires: Right Rear only - ESS/PST/URC Compounds allowed - All other three options open.
Allowed compounds are: Hoosier: HTC/RD15, ASCS Medium, RD25, D25. American Racer: MC-1 or URC-2

Wings: Flat or dish with 2" wicker allowed, only 1 1/4 "edge, turn" out on the 4 sides allowed. 1" wicker on front

Other Rules of Note:
Bolt on weight is allowed
Cockpit adjustables is allowed
Weight is 1475 with driver (No tolerance)
360 C.I. with 1% allowance
Injectors Stacks can be 2 7/16”
Fuel will have no additives of any kind including top lube.
Mufflers are mandatory (Can be any kind of muffler).