360 Sprint Car Open Rules

These rules apply for Cole Cup as well as the 360 Open Sprint Car show in October.  

Tires: Rear Tires – ESS/URC/Selinsgrove Compounds allowed.  (Note – the extra wide Hoosier, 98.0/14.0W-15 or 96.0/14W-15 RD12 will NOT be allowed)

Allowed RR compounds are: Hoosier: HTC/RD15, H15, H-R15 (non wide), H20, RD25, D25

Allowed LR Compounds are: Hoosier: RD12, H12, H15

Wings: Flat or dish with 2″ wicker allowed, only 1 1/4 “edge, turn” out on the 4 sides allowed. 1″ wicker on front

Other Rules of Note:

Bolt on weight is allowed

Cockpit adjustables is allowed

Weight is 1475 with driver (No tolerance)

360 C.I. with 1% allowance

Injectors Stacks  2 3/16”

Fuel will have no additives of any kind including top lube.