VERNON, NY- Prior to the 2015 season, Utica-Rome Speedway management combined the Pro Stock and Pure Stock classes to create the Pro Street division.  With car counts dipping in both during the previous seasons, the idea was come up a set of rules to allow both types of cars to compete in one stronger division.  For the most part, it was a success as the car counts improved as the season wore on and the competition remained as exciting as ever.

As we prepare for the 2016 season, track owners Bill Shea and Kim Shea hope to expand on that success with some changes that will the popular 602 crate powered cars to be competitive with the traditional open motor cars.  Many of these ideas were discussed at an early November rules meeting with drivers and again at the National Parts Peddler Trade Show.

For 2016, the Pro Stock division at the Utica-Rome Speedway will follow the DIRTcar rulebook except for a few exceptions.  All cars must have a post-race weight of 3,000 lbs. except for rear coil spring cars, which must weigh 3,150 lbs.  All cars must utilize the MSD 8727ct rev box with crate powered cars set at 6,000 rpm.  Open motor powered cars will be set at 6,700 rpm.  All cars in the Pro Stock division will be on the same tire, which will be the Hoosier D60 with the 11/87-15 or 11/90-15 sizes allowed.  A variation of this rule package was used at Fonda Speedway this past season with much success.

Any questions concerning these rules, please contact tech inspector Bernie Lukas at (315) 271-3068.

The complete rule book will soon be available at as well as any off season news as we prepare for the 2016 season opener on Sunday April 17.  To contact the speedway office, please call (315)829-4557.